Subject to change.  You know how musicians can be.....


06:00pm  Jordie Lane

07:00pm  Chain Station

08:30pm  Matt Poss Band

10:00pm  Greg Klyma Band

Lastly   Old Fangled Jam


Friday on the Shady Stage

Noon     Steve Clark

01:00pm  Old Fangled

02:00pm  The People vs Hugh Deneal

03:00pm  Feathered Mason

04:00pm  Anne McCue

05:00pm  Taylor Steele & the Love Preachers


Friday on the Main Stage

06:10pm  Edward David Anderson

07:30pm  The Accidentals

09:00pm  John Fullbright

10:45pm  The Way Down Wanderers


Saturday on the Shady Stage

11:00am  Violet and the Undercurrents (kids show)

Noon     Kevin Elliott

01:00pm  Chuck Hawthorne

02:00pm  Paper Moon Shiners

03:00pm  Micahlan Boney

04:00pm  Darrell Scott


Saturday on the Main Stage

05:30pm  Slaid Cleaves

06:45pm  Violet and the Undercurrents

08:00pm  The Steel Wheels

09:30pm  Chicago Farmer

10:45pm  Greg Klyma Band



11:00am  Mr. Pancake (kids show)

Noon     Motherlode

01:15pm  The Howlin' Brothers

02:30pm  Charlie Roth Band

03:45pm  Will Kimbrough

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