Subject to change.  You know how musicians can be.....


4:00pm    Doors open

The Shady Stage:

5:30pm    High Test String Band

6:30pm    Mat Kuhlig

7:15pm    Dani Flowers

8:15pm    Chain Station

The Lake Stage:

9:30pm    Charlie Roth Band



11:00am   Doors open

The Shady Stage:

Noon      Song Circle with Mary Battiata,

          Jeremy McConaughy, Jennifer Nicely.

1:00pm    Song Circle with Charlie Roth,

          Mark Stuart, Matt Fockler.

2:00pm    Steve Clark

2:50pm    Sylvie Lou

3:40pm    Feathered Mason

The Lake Stage:

4:20pm    Jaik Willis

The Main Stage:

5:10pm    Taylor Steele & the Love Preachers

6:15pm    Greg Klyma Trio

7:20pm    Jaimee Harris Band

8:35pm    Old Salt Union

9:50pm    Chicago Farmer & the Fieldnotes

The Lake Stage:

11:00pm   Chain Station



10:00am   Doors open

The Shady Stage:

11:00am   Mitchell Faulkner

11:30am   Matt Fockler

Noon      LP & the Honeybee

1:00pm    Old Fangled

2:00pm    Mark Stuart

3:00pm    The Burney Sisters

4:00pm    Anne McCue

The Main Stage:

5:15pm    Brennen Leigh

6:30pm    Darrell Scott

7:50pm    John Fullbright

9:30pm    Bruce Robison & Kelly Willis

The Lake Stage:

11:00pm   Kay Brothers



10:00am   Doors open

The Shady Stage:

11:00am   Motherlode

Noon      LoveSeat

12:50pm   John Fullbright

2:05pm    Mary Battiata

3:00pm    Dana Anderson

4:00pm    Garrett Burris & Friends

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